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 Cultural Development
When I read a Jane Austen novel and think of the ways a man would ask a woman out for date; or when I imagine how difficult it must have been for Romeo to propose Juliet, there is something else too that plays in my mind. I am unable to keep myself from comparing these situations with our times; especially for the generation in their twenties.

We are all pacing with the fast developing time and matching our steps with technology, promotions, incentives, advanced lifestyle and what not; and then comes a phase when we think of our personal life and feel the need of a partner who is not only understanding but also shares compatibility with our thoughts and work attitude, along with personal viewpoints.

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 Seeking Connection
We All Seek Connection
And then starts the trouble, you realize that you were so indulged in the hullabaloo of an accomplished life that you never gave a thought to so many personal requirements. Almost all your friends are engaged or wedded and you don’t even have someone to call you a sweetheart.

The existence of so many dating websites of different cultures is evidence; that how much we feel the need to connect in our personal lives. There are no boundaries when making friends, but certainly a few steps of harmony are required for bonds of lifetime. Dating sites have more registrations when their focus is more localized.

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 Embracing The Solution
Arab vs. American Dating Sites
Here is a precise comparative study on how an Arab dating site might differ from an American one, to get a clearer picture of the concept.
Of course the cultural bounce is there. There is a reason why they call it the east and the west, apart from the directional difference. The customs and cultures we are used to often make it difficult for us to adjust with that of the others on a permanent basis. Differences are bound to ensue and they might take a more critical turn in the progressive stages.
The main visible difference in the Arab and American sites are the criteria for search. Mostly people in the former are looking for long-term partners or life partners as one can say. Whereas in the latter you will find people are often looking for pals and they do not want any commitments, not in the initial stage at least.

The types of registrations are also important criteria. You might not find many teenagers or ones in their early twenties in the Arab sites, whereas almost all age-groups are equally represented in its American counterparts.

The Arabs have a more formal approach and they are not yet absolutely open to the online dating options. This has existed in the American world since sometime, however the ones with matrimony on their mind are joining it now mostly.

The Arab matchmaking websites follow stricter terms and conditions, because the family perspectives are also considered. Whereas in the Western culture relationships take their own sweet time amongst individuals before reaching the doors of the church.

Both these cultures have embraced this solution in their own ways and so far it has worked wonderfully, in the favor of each of them. There are many happier faces and the clouds of loneliness have lifted from our personal lives too. Have you given this concept a thought yet?

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